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Maximum window façade with minimal joints

Aluminium, wood or plastic frame? Anyone, who selects or replaces the windows for his own four walls, has to handle the problem of selecting correct materials for the rims among other things. While plastic is easy to maintain, aluminium is characterized by its excellent durability and wood is very convincing due to its natural elegance and outstanding heat insulation properties. Regardless of the material, it is the frame that has the final say when it comes to the appearance of a window - often it is a necessary but not welcome compromise for owners of large glass façades.


GLASS AT HOME - From something everyday to something unique

At interested builders of new homes, home conversions and renovations can now find ideas about how to use glass in the building and in the home. You can select from three types of houses and take a look at how versatile glass is as a building product.


UNIGLAS® | FACADE now with general type approval

Sustainable building is one of the most important tasks for a environmentally and resource friendly future. This is also shown by figures from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, which prove that roughly a third of the consumption of resources in Germany is caused by buildings.


UNIGLAS® | CREATIVE: design with ulterior motives

Trainees from UNIGLAS companies have competed against each other for the third time as part of a creative competition.


UNIGLAS® contributes to sustainability in construction

Sustainable construction is one of the most important objectives on the path to a climate and resource-friendly future. This is also evident in figures of the Federal Environment Ministry, which show that approximately one third of resource consumption in Germany is caused by buildings.


the winners of that contest

UNIGLAS® | CREATIVE: design you can touch

For the first time, the trainees of the UNIGLAS companies have competed against each other as part of a creative competition.


Fensterbau frontale 2014

UNIGLAS® | FACADE: innovative, sustainable, simple

At this year’s fensterbau/frontale show in Nuremberg, UNIGLAS once again provides convincing proof that it’s unique as an independent cooperative group. The example of the new product UNIGLAS®| FACADE however also makes it abundantly clear that the UNIGLAS companies are taking a joint approach in the fields of development and improvement too.



UNIGLAS® | FACADE: the comprehensive manual

The detailed manual is being issued right on time for the fensterbau/frontale show, matching the exhibited product as well as the new website.


WinUw – new, free app for UNIGLAS®

Montabaur, 17.12.2013 – Just before Christmas, UNIGLAS GmbH & Co. KG introduces a new app. With UNIGLAS® | WinUw you can quickly and easily calculate the Uw value (thermal transition coefficient) of windows in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077-1.


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