UNIGLAS | FACADE Timber-Glass-Composites
One solution, that bears the load

Facades are exposed to the most diverse loads. As with UNIGLAS | FACADE the glass takes on a static load bearing function in the building envelope, formal, unsatisfactory wind bracing to brace the building, can be omitted. The adhesive connection between the timber and glass ensures that the load bearing structure complies with all static requirements. UNIGLAS | FACADE Timber-Glass-Composite elements are tested in accordance with ETAG002 for Structural Sealant Glazing Systems (SSG).

Even when using individual formats of the individual TGC elements, the UNIGLAS | FACADE adapts to the most diverse structural requirements. In this way, the highest demands on buildings can be implemented without a problem, with UNIGLAS | FACADE.

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UNIGLAS | FACADE Timber-Glass-Composites

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